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5 Ways To Know That Your Pet Has An Emergency

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Emergencies happen when we least expect them. It is our duty as pet owners to make sure that we are prepared for the unexpected.

There are loads of odd occurrences that can befall a single pet, but they might not always indicate a pet emergency. There are undeniably serious symptoms that should never be ignored. Following 5 signs should never be ignored in order to help your pet.

1. Inability to Rise or Collapsing

Whether your pet is unable to get up and walk, or they’re sluggish and collapse onto the ground, it means that your pet is feeling profoundly weak, and is not normal behavior. Animals, even older ones with less energy, should have no problem getting up and moving around.

Internal bleeding, cardiac compromise, disease-induced paralysis, and severe dehydration are all among the factors that could lead to a weakened pet, and some of these could spell disaster if not treated right away.

2. “Bloat” Signs

If your pet’s stomach seems to fill with air and bloat, this is a serious sign of Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV). The stomach can fill up with gas and air that can’t escape. GDV is a combination of bloating and the stomach twisting on itself, and it can result in death. If you notice this, call 24-hour animal hospitals right away.

3. Discolored Gums

Animals gums are handy, because they’re an extremely easy way to check on your pet’s blood flow. In a nutshell, gums are usually pink because they have a lot of blood flowing through them. If they’re pale, white, or blue, it means that something is disrupting the blood circulation in body. This can mean internal bleeding, or a low oxygen state which could also be symptomatic of heart failure or breathing issues. Don’t wait on this one.

4. Intense Vomiting or Diarrhea

If your pet seems unusually sick, something is probably wrong. This means that they are getting sick several times over the course of one hour, or the sickness is lasting more than four hours. It is also a sign of concern if there are blood or black tar-like qualities to the vomit or stool.

5. Seizures

Would you skip a trip to the ER if your child, spouse, or family member was having a seizure? Hopefully, the answer is “no,” and it should be the same with your pets. Animal seizures are no joke, and they’re usually symptomatic of a much worse problem that’s going on behind the scenes. Tumors, low glucose, and serious head trauma can all be reasons for a seizure, and if you ever see it happening, don’t hesitate bring your pet to the emergency vet.

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